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Morgana Icons Stills

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Welcome to morganaicstills! Every week there is a challenge where you can show your masterpiece as anonymus before the challenges' winners are announced.
- This community is about Morgana from Merlin BBC. Only.
- You must be a member of this community to enter a challenge
- Your icons must be done special for a challenge and they must be new
- NO animation
- Classical LJ standarts: up to 40 kb, 100x100
- Do not post your icons before the winners are known. This is unfair
- Do not vote for yourself or ask you friends to vote for you or vote for an artict you know. This is not a dinner but a challenge!
How to vote:
- vote for 4 favourite icons
- vote for the best color
- vote for the best crop
- vote for the most creative icon
and the main point
- vote for the icon which is the most suitable to the theme of the challenge

Challenge posted: Friday
Challenge ends: The following Friday
Voting: Saturday - Monday
Tie-breakers: Tuesday
Winners announced: Tuesday/Wednesday

Banners maker:
want to become an affiliate?
send me a PM
How to post your icon:
Use img scr="" adding <> and a link a href="" also add <>